Morek extend the limits of leading Floating Lidar technology

Published Date:
February 14, 2024

We have recently concluded a comprehensive study in collaboration with Fraunhofer IWES to enhance their cutting-edge floating lidar buoy technology. To date, they have deployed in relatively shallow and benign sites where a simple plain catenary mooring has been adequate. Our objective was to extend their capabilities to deploy in much deeper, more exposed offshore locations. 

Our approach began with a thorough assessment of the existing system's theoretical limitations. This analysis identified critical areas for development. Subsequently, we undertook a detailed optimisation process to enhance the system's stiffness, ensuring optimal functionality during relatively benign standard operating conditions and extreme weather scenarios. 

The Fraunhofer IWES Wind Lidar Buoy is now primed for deployment in previously inaccessible sites, even amidst the harsh conditions prevalent in the North Sea. We are confident that the upgraded mooring system will facilitate robust data capture and withstand the rigours of extreme weather events, further solidifying its utility and reliability.

Project partners: