Morek Tools

The list below shows some of the tools that we regularly use in our work.  We use these tools to create, manipulate, analyse and present our engineering design work.  

We are members of the Autodesk sustainability impact program.

We use the following key softwares as a result of this;

  • AutoCad - 2D layouts and detailed design 

  • Inventor - 3D design and analysis geometry

  • NASTRANS FEA - Advanced Structural analysis

  • 3DS Studio Max - Renders and storyboard images

When it comes to analysis of dynamic ocean engineering, no other software comes close to the power and capability of Orcaflex.  We are long term users of Orcaflex with detailed experience of;

  • Generating, testing and optimising mooring designs for a range of wave, tide and floating wind energy systems, as well as temporary phases of marine operations

  • Simulation of vessel response to understand weather limits of marine operations such as offshore heavy lift

  • Cable installation operations, creating lay tables, top tensions, departure angles and touchdown points for a range of environmental parameters, most challenged when operating in strong tidal environments and shallow water.

Delftship gives us a solid platform for more classic naval architecture, we use the software to;

  • Generate 3d hullforms from vessel lines plans

  • Assess hydrostatic performance

  • Produce full stability book 

Matlab is our preferred computational mathematics platform.  Typical applications are:

  • Development of post processing tools

  • Big data - looking at trends and statistics of metocean data or sensor output

  • Creation of apps and small programs to undertake specific engineering calculations