Our Tools

The list below shows some of the tools that we regularly use on our projects.  We use these tools to create, manipulate, analyse and present our engineering design work.


Marine systems design in OrcaFlex, including moorings and marine operations

The best-in-class ocean dynamics modelling software. We are advanced users of OrcaFlex, constantly utilising new methods and techniques to gain detailed insight into the ocean environment.

Example applications:

  • Definition of weather limits for marine operations
  • Mooring design for temporary and fixed moored systems
  • Ship motion assessment including diffraction analysis using OrcaWave
  • Optimisation and post processing actions with custom python scripting

Structural Analysis

FEA Tools

We are experienced structural engineers and have designed a wide range of fabricated structures and seafastenings regularly using Finite Element Analysis tools to produce reliable and efficient designs.

Example applications:

  • Ship structures and plate fabrications – Dlubal RFem
  • Complex boundary conditions and nonlinear contact– Ansys Mechanical
  • Concept design and early stage strength assessment - Nastran
Offshore Installation frame stress analysis
Offshore installation frame lift rigging arrangementTide turbine Offshore installation and assembly frame


3D design engineering

We have access to three main 3D CAD software packages for design engineering: Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, and Rhino. We also use AutoCAD Mechanical for 2D presentation. We have a strong track record in modelling and draughting a wide range of fabrications from temporary works to class approved ship modifications.

Example applications:

  • Fabrications for marine operations such as cable chutes, grillages, and transport frames.
  • 3D printed scale models for tank testing.
  • Concept designs for R&D projects.


Engineering Mathematics and data analysis

Mathworks Matlab is our preferred computational mathematics platform. We use Matlab to learn more from existing data sets (frequency domain processing of tank test response data or metocean time series), to present our findings with clear visual output and to also to generate fresh data (long term tide conditions from tidal harmonics).

Example applications:

  • Development of post processing functions for use with our numerical modelling tools
  • Big data - looking at trends and statistics of metocean data or sensor output
  • Creation of apps and small programs to undertake specific engineering calculations


Hull modelling and Hydrostatics analysis

Delftship is a highly versatile tool for assessing the hydrostatic stability of any floating body.  We use the program for a range of purposes, from more conventional naval architecture work on existing hull forms to the design and ballasting of novel floating structures such as marine energy systems.

Example applications:

  • Generate 3d hull forms from vessel lines plans
  • Assess hydrostatic characteristics of novel structures
  • Output of class approved stability books for ships in service

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