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Naval Architecture

Using the ship as a tool

A core understanding of not only the nature and physics of the marine environment but also dynamics of conducting marine operations within it.

  • Hydrodynamic analysis to characterise ocean dynamics

  • Hydrostatic analysis of standard and novel offshore structures

  • Marine systems design in OrcaFlex, including moorings and marine operations

Structural engineering

A comprehensive approach

Understanding the application of load and flow of stress and strain through the objects we design allows us to develop efficient structures for the job at hand.

  • Clear understanding of load path led design

  • FEA applied with verification to assess structural performance

  • ULS, ALS and FLS methods as per class requirements

Marine operation simulation

Quantifying offshore risk

Using engineering analysis to simulate offshore methods/processes to quantify and manage the risk of operating in the worlds most energetic sea areas.

  • Extensive experience simulating a wide range of marine operations with Orcaflex

  • Wide range of metocean analysis tools

  • Specific experience of recording, processing and forecasting energtic tidal currents

Project Engineering

Versatile application of practical engineering skill sets

We offer the following commonly requested core project engineering services: 

  • Lift planning, dynamic offshore lift analysis, design of bespoke lifting tooling

  • Mooring design and specification of layouts

  • Operational Storyboarding

  • Vessel/asset selection

  • Risk reduction processes – HIRA, HAZID, HAZOP, FMEA


Cradle to grave service for project seafastening


Deck layout and documentation

Converting experience to speed of delivery

Fast turnaround of high quality, mobilisation ready detailed designs

  • Provision of class approval documentation

  • Marine warranty survey documentation packs

  • On site quality records and as built documentation

  • Full engineering reporting from basis of design to detailed design and strength summary

Onsite expertise to drive mobilisation

Site support

We have found in the past the best way to ensure efficient mobilisation and achieve required as built specifications is to provide a site presence from the seafastening design team.  This direct technical stewardship hugely reduces the risk of costly delays in port.