Mooring and Anchoring

From recreational craft to the next generation of Floating Offshore Wind turbines

Services provided:

  • Permanent mooring design – for floating wind, tidal and wave energy devices;

  • Temporary mooring design – for work boats and barges;

  • Quasi-static or time domain;

  • Shallow water moorings;

  • Diffraction analysis of floating structures for dynamic analysis;

  • Third party review of mooring designs;

  • Mooring component design: tensioners, connectors, anchors;

  • Export cable integration to moorings and analysis;

  • Fatigue assessment

Advanced Mooring System Seaflex
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Advanced Mooring Systems

Small boat mooring

 The main objective of AMS's is to reduce the interaction between the mooring and the sensitive seafloor ecosystem.  Morek have pioneering the numerical analysis and development of these systems.

​Here is a link to our work conducted on behalf of Tevi

Floating Offshore Wind

Concept to FEED design

Full capability to undertake fully coupled aero-elastic analysis using state of the art turbine control systems and real life definition of mooring systems.

Services provided include:

  • FEED studies for preliminary project development

  • Full detailed design class approved load case suite

  • Fatigue assessments

  • Export cable integration with mooring design

  •  Mooring component design

Temporary Moorings

for marine operations

We regularly supply our customers with temporary mooring assessments. 

  • Static, Quasi-Static or time domain simulations

  • Considering Ultimate limit state and accidental limit states

  • Providing reporting for submission to MWS