Floating Lidar mooring design development

Mooring design and analysis for floating LiDAR developers & operators Titan Technologies, for deep and shallow water sites off the coast of Korea and China.
Titan Technologies
Korean, Ulsan region
Floating LiDAR at sea

Work packages have included:

  • Conducting design verification activities to review and appraise existing mooring spread, including delivery of Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) of the system and solutions for risk mitigation
  • Dynamic analysis of the existing mooring system for extreme environmental conditions to analyse tensile forces in the mooring lines & connectors; surface position with respect to excursion limits; and the suitability of anchors in terms of holding capacity.
  • Optimisation of mooring design based on technology specific key performance indicators, including modifications to suit future shallow water deployment locations.
Titan mooring analysis by Morek Engineering Falmouth
Titan mooring analysis by Morek Engineering Falmouth
“It is a great experience working with Morek. Bob and the team had excellent technical knowledge and expertise of the mooring systems. They are professional, agile and always approachable. The outputs were delivered on time and have been applied to our projects successfully. We’re looking forward to working with Morek again in the future.”
Joe Xu
Assistant General Manager, Titan Technologies